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D5MchallengeSqOn Monday, November 2nd we will be launching a first-ever virtual habit-building challenge designed for The Daily 5 Minutes in partnership with It is completely free to those of you who participate, and will last for 15 consecutive days, helping you build your own D5M habit in the Managing with Aloha way —with me as your coach.

Here is what you can expect:

When the challenge begins on November 2nd the sign-up will be closed, and those taking the challenge will find they are in a private peer-to-peer coaching group. No observers or lookie-loos; everyone there will be just like you: Committed to giving the Daily 5 Minutes to another person as a listening gift at least once each day for the next 15 days.

You will be able to log your Daily 5 Minutes, and briefly journal your experience, sharing as much or as little as you wish.

And that’s where Ruzuku comes in. Ruzuku provides us with a virtual learning environment built around support and encouragement. You commit to a challenge and then report periodically on your progress all the while supporting and being supported by the community going through the same thing you are.

Update: When you register for this challenge with Ruzuku, you will be prompted with a box that asks you why you have decided to accept the challenge. It will be phrased like this:

I will have a D5M conversation to fully value another person, creating and building my D5M habit every day for 15 days because…

I recommend you use this for your own affirmation, one which is a reminder of your personal goal with taking on this challenge: This line is private: You will be the only one able to see this on your dashboard. For instance, I filled mine out to say:

…because I continue to learn from the D5M practice as well; it never gets old because people newly enter my life nearly every day.

I am taking the challenge with you, and I have decided to focus on improving how I start the D5M with people who are in my extended network versus those I work with regularly (and who already are getting their D5M from me regularly, and I from them.)

As your coach, I have a D5M tip-a-day planned for you. I’ve drafted my tips for the first 5 days, anticipating that my tips thereafter will be custom crafted for the experience of the group.

So again, are you in? Sign up here and spread the good word!

Then, continue to check in here each day leading up to November 2nd: Our week-long celebration of helpful posts will continue to build on our Resource Page in preparation.

Tomorrow I will post: The Daily 5 Minutes: How to Get Started

The Daily 5 Minutes will be optimally effective for you if you use the first one you do with someone as a time to set the stage, letting them know what it’s all about. For remember: You have read my articles about it, but chances are they haven’t!

You excited? Me too!

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