I can’t let this one go: A Sense of Workplace Call to Action

Sense of Workplace:

How do we share this, as a concept of well-being, and spread the word on our Call to Action?

Welcome to the Ho‘ohana CommunityFor my part, I am using the reach of Ho‘ohana Publishing and our Ho‘ohana Community of lifelong learners committed to the mission of Managing with Aloha.

We started on Say “Alaka‘i” at The Honolulu Advertiser, and here on Talking Story with:

  1. Share your Sense of [Work] Place: How can you share the productive atmosphere and emotional good health of a place of Ho‘ohana workfulness (like yours)? We have a problem and I am asking for your help. — this is presently where we have concentrated our Talking Story discussion.
  2. Hibernation 2009 #FridayFlash: How is work supposed to happen? What can it be? — this one is a story, of the generational differences now existing; one good picture, one unfortunate one. Our #FridayFlash community bring their perspectives to those comments.
  3. Our Ka‘ana Like Law of the Harvest: 2009 has been a tough year for many. There is an opportunity for us with character-building this autumn. When we reflect on the Law of the Harvest, what is the habit we choose? Is our focus on the ‘reaping’ of what we have sown, or is it on the sharing? — this one has more reflection on our Hawaiian-based value system with Sense of Place and community, and is the parallel to Managing with Aloha.

Today, I bring Sense of Workplace to our sister communities:

  1. To Teaching with Aloha: From Schoolyard to Workplace ”“ Successfully, and
  2. To Joyful Jubilant Learning: From Schoolyard to Workplace ”“ Successfully, Joyfully

Please take a look and get involved. There are 7 new suggestions which end the post on Teaching with Aloha, and I would like to share them here as well, with our Talking Story context (Backstory about this blog):

Our Common Goal: Successfully Transition Students from School to Work

Your circle of influence is actually much bigger than you may think. I ask you to get involved in whatever way you can, even if that ‘circle’ is as small and tight as the realistic coaching conversation between you and another person struggling to find their sense of workplace — and their sense of belonging and self worth.

What can you do?

1. To start, email every teacher and every business person you know. My suggestion is that you direct the business community here, to Talking Story (and Managing with Aloha), and the teaching community to Teaching with Aloha. Stumble the posts which resonate, Digg them, Tweet them… do whatever you can to share this need, enrolling others in our common goal.

2. Take the links I have offered within this posting, and get familiar with this crisis ”“ for that is what it is ”“ and get emotional about it, for it affects you directly. Talk to others affected (it will not be hard to find them) and put the faces of your community on this issue.

3. Help us get a conversation going wherever in our Ho‘ohana Community you feel most comfortable with taking action: What additional ideas can we talk about, and share with each other?

We know that We Learn Best from Other People.     We know we can Add Conversation to your Strong Week Plan in meaningful, effective ways.

4. Start a conversation in your own circle of influence, and within your other tribes, and make this goal-setting, and goal-working actively happen in your community wherever it may be. It is Time for Your Alaka‘i Abundance: Be a leader: Activate your own team.

5. Offer your mentorship to students who should be poised to enter the workforce (refer to Dean’s mentoring series): They often have a difficult time speaking to their parents about this, retreating from them instead, for like the young man in my Hibernation 2009 story, they feel they should be on their own now.

6. Partner with the business people in your community. Teach them about the Sense of Workplace concept. Work together.

7. Let me know how else we in the Ho‘ohana Community can help.

Mahalo nui loa. Thank you for reading, and for getting involved. I know we can affect the change we need to see happen.

We Ho‘ohana together, Kākou.
With much aloha,


  1. Rosa Say says

    There are terrific comments being added to my initial posting on this. I know I have several links in this recap and update, so perhaps this will help direct you:

    Click here to remain here within our Talking Story community of MWA practitioners (and for a more global business discussion).
    Click here for the Hawai‘i-local discussion on Say “Alaka‘i.”
    Click here for the educational community discussion on Teaching with Aloha.


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