Aspire to be Appreciated

“There are people whom one appreciates immediately and forever.
Even to know they are alive in the world is quite enough.”
—Nancy Spain

Just Ducky!

Thank you for being in my world, and thank you for reading.
I love knowing you are there.


  1. says

    Such a peaceful, soothing picture. Mahalo! And aloha kakahiaka to you, though it is auinalā for me. Sorry if I fractured the beautiful language. Hope I didn’t write anything that needs to be censored, heh!

    Enjoy today.
    ~ Marisa

    • Rosa Say says

      Mahalo Marisa, and you did great – you even got the kahakō (macron) in there!

      I took this picture a while ago at the pond of our neighborhood golf course, and kept it on Flickr because it always makes me smile to look at it. There’s something about being able to see his (her?) feet just below the surface there, ready to climb onto those lava rocks when you’d think he’d take the easy way and just fly over them.

      Enjoy your evening, and thank you so much for your visits with me, including Talking Story in your day!

  2. Anne says

    Well, you guys KNOW how much I appreciate all you do here and on MWA! I love the word “appreciate”! There’s a book by Jacqueline Kelm entitled “The Joy of Appreciative Living”…I just love that title (the book’s good too)…I printed those words as a bookmark to remind me to live appreciatively because it DOES bring joy to one’s life to live that way.

    For me, the “secret” to living IS appreciation (gratefulness, thankfulness)…and “there’s always always something to be thankful for”! :-)


    • Rosa Say says

      I agree Anne. Life can make it tough to remember Mahalo as a “secret to living” but it truly is a gift available to all of us – we need to help each other out in the remembering.

      I am putting the book you mention on my next-trip-to-the-bookstore list so I can look it up: Thank you for suggesting it for us.

    • Rosa Say says

      Fabulous insight Paul. You cause me to think about the facial expressions which can say so much without a single word being spoken; when to speak will actually break a spell where we only imagine the best.

      There are times we will think to ourselves, “I wish I knew what he or she is thinking!” but then there are others when we can simply be grateful to be regarded and noticed, and to know that people see us instead of seeing right through us.