A Good Ruthlessness x3

Admit it: Isn’t it intriguing to think you could be ruthless about something?

Ruthless: without mercy or pity; “an act of ruthless ferocity”

Okay, maybe we can’t get too literal about this one, for being “without mercy or pity” isn’t all that attractive, but attacking some good intention with “ruthless ferocity” has some potential.

For instance, my current target for Rosa-branded Ruthlessness is CLUTTER; got a jump on it this past weekend by choosing 3 specifics.

1. I can be ruthless about eliminating the clutter in my house:
So much less to continually dust around! My new rule of thumb: If I haven’t used something in the last month, it’s outta here. (Next weekend I will be having a mega garage sale if you’re in the neighborhood).

2. I can be ruthless about eliminating the clutter in my attentions:
So I am axing some of the reading that I’ve been doing, fully aware that junk, misguided reading is nothing more than another form of procrastination for me ”“ it’s a kind of aimless web-surfing when I’m not more intentional about it.

3. I can be ruthless about eliminating the clutter in my ‘Should-ing:’

“Should-ing is a by-product of our cultural obsession with being well rounded and the prevailing corporate demand that we capitalize on our so-called areas of opportunity. This voice is powerful and persuasive, but you must not listen to it. If those activities make you feel drained, frustrated, or burned out, you should not be doing them, or at least not much of them, and not for too long.”
Marcus Buckingham explains that stopping should-ing is a way to stop your weaknesses in Go, Put Your Strengths to Work

So I am recommitting to my Stop Doing List. I haven’t been good about adding to it lately, and so it stopped being a tool for me: When I use it well, it’s a great tool for de-cluttering the Strong Week Planning within my Weekly Review.

Yes, this x3 is ruthless behavior I should definitely keep within my arsenal of good habits.

What about you? You are Your Habits, so Make ‘em Good!

Do it at home, or do it at work: How can you seize A Good Ruthlessness x3?

Mr. Clean by Ed from Ohio on Flickr
Mr. Clean by Ed from Ohio on Flickr

My mana‘o [The Backstory of this posting]
I love vocabulary, and using words or short phrases as a new Language of Intention [Managing with Aloha Key 5]. Negativity does not serve us well, so I find it fun to convert words which may have unfortunate baggage or a negative connotation: We can stretch them in newly expressive ways that are more positive and useful. The “x3” in the title of this posting is because we have been exploring Numerology for Managers having decided that Leadership Needs a Numbers Breakthrough. Quick link farther back? About TalkingStory.org.


  1. Anne says

    I’ve been “should-ing” all over myself (and my family) for forever…I’m trying to de-clutter that word out of my vocabulary and mind for a very long time… And speaking of de-cluttering, my favorite measuring of what may stay and what NEEDS to go is:
    “is this object (or thought) contributing to my life; is it life-giving or life-draining”?

    • Rosa Say says

      You’re not alone Anne, we all fall prey to should-ing. I’m most grateful to Marcus Buckingham for sending the word to my vocabulary because it’s made me aware of how I am imposing my should-ing on others, especially my family when all are now adults fully capable of setting their own expectations (and doing it very well :-)

      Your measuring is a direct hit on the energy consideration for me: I like it!