What does an August Summer hold for you?

If I put the Hawai‘i heat and humidity aside, August has always been one of my favorite months. My primary association with August has always been the last month of summer, and that suits me just fine, for what’s not to like about summer?

So on this Sunday in just-begun August, I have two summer sharings to offer you, and they are both over at our Ho‘ohana Community sister site, Joyful Jubilant Learning:

first day of summer by Rob Ireton on Flickr
first day of summer by Rob Ireton on Flickr

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.” —James Dent

I’d wager that most of us will agree with Mr. Dent. So we will that lawn mower to be broken (or we joyfully pretend it is). And what will we do now?

You can get your ideas all month long at A JJLer’s August: Summer Learning.

I happen to be first up in contributing some thoughts, and I have written about one summer which had a particularly strong influence on me, one which remains with me today:
What Summer Taught Me: Boredom is not an Option.

It starts like this:

No matter where you grew up, I’ll bet we shared a summer experience when we were kids. For me, my brothers and sister, it usually happened about the third week into the beginning of the no-school summer calendar. We slept in, ate a late breakfast, either ignored each other blatantly or fought about some very trivial thing, and then announced to our grandmother, who stayed with us during those months our parents continued to work, “Grandma, I’m bored.”

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  2. What Summer Taught Me: Boredom is not an Option.