Red-tipped Rightness

Red-tipped Rightness

This jade plant on our lanai is the oldest and largest potted plant I have, one I had bought at a neighbor’s garage sale many, many years ago just to give her a sale.

I have looked at it (and loved it) thousands of times yet I never paid much attention to those red tips until I saw another one lately in another yard without the red edging, that one looking so sad and unhealthy to me. Sometimes the most random happenings do give you new appreciation for things.

On this Aloha Friday, what “red tips” will you notice, and newly appreciate today?


Thank you, as a way of living

Live in thankfulness for the richness that makes life so precious

Managing with Aloha, Chapter 16


    • Rosa Say says

      Mahalo nui Paul, I appreciate your sharing this Aloha Friday with me!

      I have had some camera challenges in the early summer, but hope to get back into what I now think of as my “Flickr training.” I continue to be amazed with the different ways photography can get my mind working. This instance was one of simple capture of what I noticed to help me remember, yet there are other times I will look at a picture days after I took it, and start to see things that I don’t even remember about the original scene at the time. Very cool.

    • Rosa Say says

      Now that is a great thought Dave, and I have to tell you about one such happening:

      Yesterday afternoon I was determined to get completely through my email inbox, including those email forwards one gets from friends wanting to share their finds. This was just after I had put this posting in the queue for today, and reading one of them was the first time I had heard of “red shirts on Fridays to support our troops.” This is the website, and this is a copy of the email I was sent about “The Fallen Soldier.”

  1. says

    Beautiful photo, Rosa! And I would like to hear more about what you call “Flickr training”. With twitter, my blog and my squidoo pages I have been neglecting flickr as social media quite a bit. I think I have to schedule my flickr activities as well… sigh!

    • Rosa Say says

      Well now Ulla, I think that “Flickr” training would be an interesting post for both of us to cook up :-) For me, Flickr is still very much about the visual learning triggers that photography produces – the training it now gives me has to do with slowing down, noticing detail, intricacy and different perspective, and those photo-taking lessons which have to do with light, shadow, framing and composition. I also feel it helps me with my writing, for I sense so much truth in that adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Then again, the exercise of trying to match my words with what I am newly seeing has been invaluable. It is still perplexing to me how I can come up with blog titles so easily, but putting a title on my Flickr photos continues to take huge effort. I keep asking myself (and asking the photo) What is it you are trying to tell me?

      I do not yet think of Flickr as social media. It certainly is that, but I feel I am not yet there in my progression, though I will respond in kind to the wonderful community there. I am still an observer and early learner – not even much of a follower there yet.

  2. says

    my thoughts about flickr as social media arise from the fact, that photos are a wonderful means to 1) introduce to foreign culture / countries / way of life and b) communicate about them. I have been sharing my photos with a virtual friend from Michigan more than one year now, and everytime I show photos about Berlin, or historical buildings or just of my neighbourhood we communicate about our life, our culture. We notice what we have in common, but also the things we don’t have in common. I have become aware of my European identity as much as I have noticed my identiy as a global citizen.
    That could be a theme for JJL, could it not?

    • Rosa Say says

      That is a wonderful exchange you write of Ulla, and I do agree – that would be a fabulous choice for the monthly learning theme explorations we do on Joyful Jubilant Learning. I will add it to the line-up we have planned, for I am quite certain others will be very drawn to it as well, mahalo!