An idea is a fragile thing

An idea is a fragile thing

“An idea is a fragile thing.

Turning it off is much easier than keeping it lit.

Ideas shine because somebody had them

and somebody helped them

and nobody turned them off.”

—Tom Peters, A Passion for Excellence


  1. says

    For ideas to flourish they must be shared. Then the magic can happen if someone has something to add to it and extend the idea or at a minimum to encourage it so it will become an action.

    • Rosa Say says

      Steve, I think there is magic which can happen in the whole process. As you said,

      For ideas to flourish they must be shared.

      and I think that learning to share ideas can deliver the starter-magic for a lot of people. In my coaching I will often hear people say, “I never seem to get good ideas like other folks do” however it is never true – they simply need some coaching on how to listen to their own ideas better, and then identify them as the ideas they truly are. When people learn how to do that, I do see that magic light turn on in their eyes, and it is a very beautiful thing.

      And by the way Steve, you are very good at sharing your ideas with our hui over at Joyful Jubilant Learning, and I greatly appreciate that you do!

  2. says

    Hi Rosa,

    You have really picked a cherry with this post! I completely agree with what you and Steve have said too. Sharing ideas brings them to life!

    All my best for now,



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