The Talking Story (occasional) Sunday Paper

I need to say I’m sorry, and I am. I’m saying it and feeling it —I’m sorry!

I have told you that Talking Story will be the single place to keep up with me, for I can be at a number of places around the web, and lately I have been negligent about updating here as much as I should. I do apologize.

So let’s catch up, shall we?

Still wanted in print

First, about the “Sunday Paper” title

Seems Sunday has always has a grounding effect on me. My dad started it with church for the whole family way back: If you were already born, you had to go too. Here in blog land, Sunday Mālama was a natural for Managing with Aloha Coaching, and for the first 6 months of writing Say “Alaka‘i” we had Sunday Koa Kākou. Both of those pilot projects/writing commitments are now in hiatus land (yes, I do dabble and experiment) and we’ve had a Sunday Paper feature here at Talking Story once before too (It was a bit different than what I am doing today). I’m thinking of bringing it back when I make another move” not sure yet, and depends how it all sorts out” keep reading”

What IS definite, is that Talking Story will get a lot more attention before I allow myself to reconsider two requests that continue to come up from the Ho‘ohana Community: For now, I hope you will understand I must say “no” in favor of my other current projects.

One request has been “Rosa, please bring back your value of the month program, Value Your Month, Value Your Life.” I honestly miss it too, and I still Ho‘ohana with it privately, but cannot do so publicly again: You can self-coach using the archives of MWA Coaching or my book ”“ it was written exactly for that purpose!

The second request has been “Rosa, please bring back your email newsletter, Ho‘ohana ‘ÅŒlelo.” I don’t think you will miss it as much if I get better about my updates here: For now, Talking Story must serve that purpose. If you do not have an email subscription, I highly recommend you try one: More incentive will be mentioned two sections down…

My Two ’09 Projects: Updates

As I mentioned to you in Life Imitates Art (my late May update) there are two projects I am determined to complete before I take on any other new ones. They are

  1. The writing of my second book (and I am pleased to say I am making wonderful progress with it!) and
  2. A total revamping of my web presence which entails the platform/publishing move from TypePad (TP) to WordPress (WP).

Those website changes have started (it’s a big project), and I did alert you to the launch of Teaching with Aloha a dozen days ago. Very exciting!

One of the things I neglected to share (again, sorry!) was that Joyful Jubilant Learning was converted too: We unveiled the new look on the 4th of July. Take a quick look if you haven’t seen it yet: Snazzy, isn’t it?

Upcoming plans for Talking Story

The TP to WP project will include a move for Talking Story to its own domain: This site will soon be found at (no link ‘cause not yet!) HOWEVER unlike the conversion we did at Joyful Jubilant Learning, where older posts can be accessed in the new archives, much of what is now here at Talking Story will be newly stored in my private archives only.

In other words, if you want something here, grab it now, and print it, for old links will cease working: When launches it will be a new presentation of lots of free resources, however it might not have all your favorites. You have at least two more weeks before anything happens, maybe a bit more, and I will tell you when a new launch date is finalized.

If you have a Talking Story subscription (either RSS or email) you need not do anything else, for your subscription will automatically switch to the new site when the transition is made.

Highlights at Joyful Jubilant Learning

July has been quite exciting in the JJL neighborhood of our Ho‘ohana Community. For the first time ever (other than our Annual Love Affair with Books) I have had to turn down post contributors there, for every day on the calendar quickly filled up for the month’s theme:

July 2009: Communicating As Learners Do

I do think that the digital switch from TP to WP had a little to do with it ”“ after all, the site is dedicated to ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian value of learning, and the WordPress platform offers a lot more learning opportunity. However I also think the theme there was a significant driver, for communication is a biggie for all of us.

Already there are quite a few overlaps there to topics we cover here on management and leadership, and I encourage you to check in with JJL regularly this month: A good way is by following @JJLhui if you are on Twitter.

Today is my assigned posting day for the month of July, and I have written on the number one tool in our Managing with Aloha stable of good practices: D5M. My post is called

Learning to Listen with The Daily Five Minutes

I think you will enjoy it: I tell the story of why, how and when the practice started for me, and in keeping with the JJL theme of communication this month, I talk about three significant lessons learned in the nineteen years since my very first D5M with my management team at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. They are all connected to listening, absolutely vital in talking story too.

Dream Chasing, A Volkswagen Bug, Freedom and Inventiveness

What do all those things have in common? Rick Cecil of and @getencouraged got something about each one out of me in a recent interview we did.

Rick has put together a new interview series as part of his product development process for and I had the honor of being the third person he featured, stepping in line behind simplicity evangelist Leo Babauta and the immensely compelling writer Patti Digh.

Rick and I both found we gained a number of insights from the process of how he approached the interviews. If you are interested, you can read more at a posting Rick did about it at Joyful Jubilant Learning:

Building Customer Relationships with Authentic Conversations

Yep, that title is spot on ”“ true talking story stuff!

If you would like to read my interviews, you can find them listed on this page (Rick separated it into 5 parts, published last week):

Another Step Forward ”“ From There to Here with Rosa Say

Mahalo Rick!

“What happened with your letter to your legislators?”

This had me all up in arms for a few days, remember? Walking my Talk: A Letter to my Legislators

In brief, the governor did veto the bill, and the legislators have said they will not move to override her veto. Yes, I am thrilled, however I don’t think the issue is over. I also discovered that all my legislators are horribly unresponsive despite this and other efforts I made to converse with them” not good, and thus I take no credit for the turn of events going the way I hoped for!

Meantime, still has kept our Hawai‘i accounts closed. I can get into my old accounts, however there is a big banner across them reading “This account is closed and will not generate referrals. Access to this site is for historical purposes only.”

This impacts both the SLC aStore and the JJL aStore: Both remain on the web, seemingly “live” for has nothing to lose ”“ I am sending them a ton of links. However I cannot make any changes to those storefronts.

However none of this has affected my ability to offer Managing with Aloha to you via and they continue to order from me: Just sent a shipment off to them this past Wednesday, and you will find my book in stock there.

Gotta have Comics, or something funny

Otherwise it hardly qualifies as the Sunday Paper, right?

Mahalo to Aaron for sharing this with me: Web Site Story.

Now get outside for some Sunday sunshine, and share your Aloha,

~ Rosa


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