Focus Front and Center Please

If you are reading via RSS or email, click in directly to the blog and you will see that things look a bit different.
The changes will keep coming little by little: This is a transitional stage to the new Talking Story I am working on.

Curling Fern

I have kept the bare essentials on the single sidebar and a new navigational bar up top. The older stuff is not gone, just hidden for now as I do some decluttering and category clean-up.

Meantime, if there is anything in particular you are really missing, just let me know.


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    Typepad with a nav bar makes for a much more compelling prospect Rosa :-)
    One of the things I look for on your site(s) is a clickable list of the values: where I can go to get a summary and a selection of posts exploring each one. It used to be down the sidebar I think.
    You have them listed in some of the FAQ and summary posts, and I did find a clickable version earlier (but now can’t refind) – perhaps it’s just a question of adding the links in to some of those summaries?
    Good luck with all your housekeeping x

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    Thank you for the feedback Joanna!
    The Values are coming back after I do some digital tweaking: The new links will go to just one comprehensive index, instead of how I’ve had them separated with some articles here, and others on and MWA Coaching.
    Meanwhile, you will see the older Talking Story categories for the values by clicking on the bold “Archives” link in the right sidebar, above “Publishing Rights.”
    The best page to bookmark is the one on Managing with Aloha, for it has the definitions – it will be the place I am doing my “digital tweaking.” Here is that link: (Scroll to the 2nd half of the page)
    So happy to know you have found those useful.

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    Update: Just added another link to the MWA Value Indexes below my book jacket in the sidebar – probably the most logical place for it!