A new top coat

Applied a new top coat to www.ManagingwithAloha.com this past weekend.


The site has been such a reliable workhorse for me over the past few years that I was more than a little embarrassed (okay, mortified) when I took a good look at it and really saw it through fresh eyes again.

Created a few new pages and though I did so with the newbie in mind, those of you who are MWA veterans may enjoy them as well:

I call it “a new top coat” because I kept having the strongest urges to turn a ton of old pages back to draft/unpublished and hide all old archive links where they could not be found. In the end I think I came up with a win-win for visitors newly arriving and those in our Ho‘ohana Community who will return hoping the old pages (like this one) are still there.

What do you think?