You are Your Habits, so Make ‘em Good!


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You are Your Habits, so Make ‘em Good!

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    That’s a wonderful riddle, Rosa, thank you for sharing it and for your great tips! I am definitely going to try some stretching as the way to start my day. (I’ll let you know how long it takes before I stop having to remind myself and just do it as a habit!)
    But you have also inspired me to think of some more good habits I can create … makes a lovely change from trying to get rid of bad habits, thank you, Rosa! :o)

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    The stretching will amaze you Dianne; such a simple thing with huge benefits! One of those many blessings I have learned from my employees over the years: I began the habit at the urging of my massage therapists when I worked at the Hualalai Resort. Instant pick-me-up that is good during breaks in our MWA workshops too ”“ especially after the lunch hour!
    And I heartily concur with what you ended your comment with: Much easier to replace one habit with a better one as opposed to working on ‘breaking’ one” the not-so-good ones can simply get eased out of the picture since they no longer have our attention —and thus our intention.

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