See the Abundance?


When I think about Easter coming, I always think about abundance, and of the incredible bounty the Earth continues to give us.

Perhaps it is because we can see Easter egg shapes in so many pleasing forms.

Perhaps it is because all the colors we notice seem to be dressing up for Easter in their own good way whether they make it into some child’s basket or not.

As we prepare for Easter tomorrow, I wish you abundance.
I wish you color and light.
I wish you joy.

Easter Color and Light


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    Rosa, what a wonderful Easter card, thank you … for scrumptious, uplifting images and beautiful thoughts. Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Easter! :o)

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    Aloha Rosa,
    Thank you so much for your Easter wishes over Twitter and the description/photographs are very beautiful and soothing.
    Wish you a very Happy Easter!
    Tanmay / @tnvora

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    Aloha Rosa,
    This, actually, is my first comment (although I have been following for some time). I just want to say thank you for your good thoughts and add my best wishes on this Easter. Abundance? Without question!! Mahalo!

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    Aloha Michael, thank you so much for your faithful reading, and for now taking this jump with your comment – you see, you are my abundance!

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    It’s interesting that you post this because on Easter Day I went for a walk in my neighborhood and I was noticing all the abundance around me as well ;) The colors were so bright! Too bad I didn’t have a camera with me at the time…

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    There are two things I have with me at all times now Maria (besides the usual suspects we women haul around in our bags): A book which I will not hesitate to write in the margins of, and my pocket-sized camera. Gave myself the camera for my birthday a year ago, and it has been so fabulous in helping me see certain things better than I did before. See them and newly appreciate them.
    I do enjoy seeing your everyday world on Flickr too Maria: You take wonderful shots!