Quiet Energies


I have been observing my conversations in the past week, thinking more about how we are our habits, both those we are conscious of, and those we aren’t.

I am thinking about the differences between times when I am bold, brightly alive, and bouncing with energy ”“ loud even, and then about those other times, when a single part of me is quite enough. I can be most effective in those quieter times, heard best by others when I am calm, when I am still, and when I might even be whispering.

One of my early observations within the lessons I received from others on Ha‘aha‘a, was that there is something more calming, nurturing, caring and respectful about those in the ‘Ohana who chose to speak softly. Their listeners would tune in carefully, so that they would be sure to hear them. They would more willingly engage and respond, and the soft-speaker’s complete message and true intent would be understood.
—from Managing with Aloha, “This is Ha‘aha‘a, the value of humility.”


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    What a lovely message, lesson, reminder Rosa. I might see if I can work a writing post out of it too… sometimes those quiet words are the ones that make the biggest difference.
    I’m smiling at your choice of photo – for me it’s a bit more exuberant than a whisper :-)
    Maybe this is why sometimes a part of you is enough… even one part of you is rich, colourful, and wonderful

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    Regarding the photo I feel the same like Joanna – the yellow color to me is definitely more than a whisper!
    Having spent some time of my life in the teaching trade I can say that calmness sometimes is more effective than being loud. It is funny but often students react more to calmness than to a teacher shouting.

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    Aloha Rosa,
    Those are the folks whose messages penetrate the white noise that surrounds me.
    The brevity of your post underscores your intent. Pristine!

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    Hello everyone, mahalo for your visits! I was out taking more photos this morning, a soul-pleasing way to spend the beginning of the weekend.
    I read your most recent post Joanna, the one introducing your new theme of “breathing space” and I would greatly look forward to your blending of “quiet words” into the whole of what you are planning there, at Confident Writing.
    Joanna and Ulla, about the photo: That blue leaf with the jagged edges is what made me think of whispering. I captured the whole flower in the original of the photo, and it was a perfect one (the marigold) without a single flaw. Striking. Yet the more I looked at it, the more that blue leaf commanded my attention, and I’ve looked at this a lot! I took the photo last October. A few days ago I finally took the leap to crop the photo in a way that would allow the leaf to play a more starring role.

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