Looking for me? I’m Springing into Summer

Aloha Kākou my friends,

Starting with this final day of April, I will be joyfully leaping into my palena ‘ole plans for the Summer of 2009, and they will be keeping me offline for a while. Remember palena ‘ole? It means ‘no limits.’

The next few weeks contain significant milestones for the Say ‘Ohana; both of my children will be graduating from college. I am thrilled beyond what words can describe, excited for them and for the Mālamalama transitions awaiting our family.

Get set...

At first, I was going to take a ‘normal’ and modest two week vacation, but the current economic climate and subsequent lessening of my business demands have contributed to my decision with “going for it” in a bigger and braver, “Oh, why not?” kind of way. We will Ho‘o. I am going to give my complete and enthusiastic attentions to my family, and take an extended, into-the-Summer hiatus from my businesses and my online life, both Rosa-drivers which have grown to a pretty significant size and rhythm in my current Ho‘ohana.

To start, I will be completely offline from April 30th through May 23rd with the only exception being photo uploading and possibly travel blogging to my Flickr account. This includes turning off my email (yep, really!) with an auto-response message that will direct people here to Talking Story for my next update, as it is highly likely my return date could be pushed into June or even later. If you email me, this is what you will get back:

Aloha, thank you for writing to me!
I am on an email break while on vacation with my family, and my plans include an extended business hiatus. Your message will be saved for me to read, and I will periodically check in for any urgencies, however since several weeks may have passed before I return and re-engage, please know that my approach when easing back into connectivity will be responding to messages which are most recent versus oldest.

My return date is indefinite as of this writing, likely to be near the end of May or early June: Watch for my next update on my Talking Story blog. The link is below my signature, and you can subscribe there for an email alert versus needing to check back repeatedly. I send you my warmest Aloha, and I hope you can take advantage of my Ma‘alahi and Mālama time for your own sense of Nānā i ke kumu as well. Your self-care is the gift of a better you given to others each time you are with them.

Doesn’t that sound like a great idea, one you could adopt for a mini email break this summer?

Please don’t say you can’t until you give it a try! Palena ole” no limits” Who says you can’t do that? Imagine the brand new habits YOU could create if you set your mind to doing so” you could Color Outside Your Lines, or get all that reading done you’ve promised yourself you would do. That life? It’s all yours! Do you see the abundance?

Yes, I am already having fun with this! Do you get my not-that-subtle linky message that this is a time you can pull the doing trigger with all we have talked about recently? You are alive for a reason.

And on May 24th?

Since I am pulling my ‘disconnectivity trigger,’ I will also be taking advantage of the summer to ease back online small bites at a time. I want to make progress with a few other projects as well, efforts which I have tabled for much too long now but remain committed to. The last time I took a similar hiatus, Managing with Aloha was written and published, so you never know what can happen when you change it up!

This will be the place to watch for my next update:
If you engage with me elsewhere on the web, you will see that all virtual roads will soon have updates leading to this message on Talking Story, with the exception of Joyful Jubilant Learning, where the learning never stops, and our Ho‘ohana Community of lifelong learners repeatedly prove how well they do without me! I am so, so proud of them. If all I do online has always been too much for you to track, take advantage of my quiet time this Summer to go meet everyone there; they love talking story too, and they do it in such a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative way.


“Movement happens when people talk to one another, when ideas
spread within the community, and most of all, when peer support leads
people to do what they always knew was the right thing. Great leaders
create movements by empowering the tribe to communicate. They establish
the foundation for people to make connections.”

— Seth Godin in Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

So my friends, Ho‘o! Create some movement while I am away!

Live, work, manage and lead with your Aloha, and I will connect with you again soon. I expect these weeks to fly by as they are apt to do, so savor yours as well.

Mahalo nui, and enjoy your own springing into summer!


~ Rosa Say

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