“I’d rather have been a poet.”

Alcatraz [The Rock]
“set 3” by 4PIZON on Flickr

“I was trained by British Intelligence. But in retrospect, I’d rather have been a poet, or a farmer.”
”“ Sean Connery in The Rock after an amazed Nicholas Cage asks him, “How did you do that?”

We can learn to do some pretty amazing things. However learning to do what is most meaningful to us, feeling it is amazing enough can be the hard part.

Ho‘ohana. Work with intention.
Nānā i ke kumu. Look to your own source, and your inner truth, and you will figure it out.


  1. says

    It was a 1996 thriller about Alcatraz Steve, here is the Internet Movie Database link:
    Ker was watching a rerun on television and I just happened to catch this listen when I took a break from my household chores… that marvelous Sean Connery voice and accent did get me to perk up some as well :)
    Quite the guy’s movie I think, but I remember enjoying it when I first saw it a while back. Ed Harris stars too.

  2. says

    Ahh Rosa, when this post popped up in my email I went looking for the rest of it, and then realised this was all there was! And my first thought was ‘oh my, Rosa’s gone short but oh so sweet’!!
    And absolutely what I needed to read right now. Nānā i ke kumu indeed…
    Thank you.

  3. says

    Oh good Karen! You are right about this pulling me out of my bloggy-habits comfort zone – especially when the photo is not one of my own – so I am so, so very happy to hear I did include enough for it to speak to you!

  4. Thadeus says

    I love that line! And the movie, too.
    Late comment b/c I’m just starting to get the hang of Google Reader and reading posts I’ve missed.
    Thank you for your presence on the web. It is refreshing!

  5. says

    Aloha Thadeus, good to hear from you again! I always appreciate your visits, whenever you have the time to make them happen – thank you.
    Some old habits do die hard… I am the Google girl for so, so much of what I do (Gmail, Gcal, Gdocs etc.) yet I still use BlogLines as my reader because that was the program I started with… a case where familiarity = ease, even for a learner like me.