That life? It’s all yours!

A Rose

I have much fun with cropping the photos I take. It’s artsy, teases my creativity, and I can pretend to frame as a painter might. I mostly do it to focus better on what seems so spectacularly wonderful about something. This rose was tattered and brown all around its outer petals, but what heart it still had! What promise still to unfold.

No life is perfect; mine certainly isn’t. But it is mine, just as yours is all you, and
that’s something worth celebrating!


  1. Suzi W. says

    I love flower close-ups. In high school I bought a paperback version of Georgia O’Keefe’s 100 flowers. Now that I have a digi camera, I’ve had fun zooming in on the “heart” of flowers.
    And I LOVE roses. Thanks for posting this!