Are you telling your stories?

Kamehameha the Great

On a recent drive to North Kohala I stopped to grab a few photos at the North Kohala Civic Center where the statue of King Kamehameha I stands.

There are huge trees there ”“ massively huge, and it is quite impossible to fit them into a picture frame completely.

Aged and Noble

When I see trees like this, which have lived much longer than I have, or ever will, I always wonder about the stories they’ve seen play out over the years, even though they are rooted to one spot. There just has to be a lot of memory strengthening those branches, and fortifying the tree with the will to keep growing and reaching as it does.

The trees can’t tell us their stories, we have to imagine them. However if you are a manager and a leader, telling the stories about your organization’s history —and about your vision’s promise of a better future, is something you can do all the time. Are you?