I want to be a Thinker Tinker!

Timothy Johnson has written a fabulous follow-up to our recent decision-making talk-story here. He writes:

Decisions are important. They drive us forward in business, whether they are publicly documented or privately derived. But I'd like to take a step back from Rosa's decision-making process. As I admitted in her comments, I'm a systems-thinking addict, and the input to any decision is ultimately a question. So while she has beautifully dissected decision-making, I want to pick apart the questions which create the need for a decision.

In short, are we asking the right questions?

He then teaches us three ways we can categorize our inquiries so we can successfully navigate any 'Decision Incision' which may give us pause. Check it out!

If you are just joining us, my first posting asked, Decision Making: How do you do it? There are terrific comments there from Lee Iwan, Joanna Young, Lorraine Rinker, and Timothy.

Then, join Timothy at his blog, Carpe Factum for Decision Indecision:

We all need to make decisions, but the pre-cursor is whether we can
make an incision in the decision to find the inquisition.  Think about
that one for a while.  Then take two questions and call me in the