Where were you on Inauguration Day?

Waiting Room Viewing

Las Vegas, Nevada for me: My "live" listen of President Obama's Inauguration Day address was first on the car radio, then in this doctor's office (regular check-up… not to worry :)

Total agreement as to what channel to watch in the doctor's office.

Screen Captures, Inauguration Day 2009

For most of the day I watched on the small screen of my laptop. These were fuzzy screen captures, but the emotion still came through strong and clear.


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    I watched the Inauguration Ceremony on Cnn TV, not in German TV, in order to hear Obama in the original language, not in a German translation. I was very moved by his speech. Many Germans are not used to this kind of rhetoric, and I myself can’t imagine any German politician using that kind of language. I also liked the musical program, especially Aretha Franklin.

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    One of my dreams for our future Ulla, is that there are more world leaders who capture the global attention President Obama has: We Americans certainly do NOT “have the market cornered” on leadership! I like to think that Barack Obama’s success will inspire other emerging leaders as well.