My hook, not ladder

My hook, not ladder

…and my first picture of the New Year. Odd, I know.

Impulse doesn’t wait on focus or a steady hand either.

Was tempted to lie about it, choose something else to upload to Flickr as my first one for 2009, but my non-superstitious gut said that would be disastrous, to already publish a lie before it’s even mid-morning the first day of the year; surely you’d be covering things up all year long, not content with what is perfectly good enough as is? That’s not like you!

I was out of my house early for Ka lā hiki ola ’09 [the dawning of a new day] and took this at 6:47am as I descended our stairs just because it caught my eye. It’s the lower edge of our sun deck (that was supposed to be an arbor but never was), and the hook is the lower half of a hanger you use for hanging plants. There is a much larger hook on top that has best fit over the beams of our lanai, fulfilling it’s original purpose wonderfully well. There have been a variety of ferns and potted plants on it in years past, very pretty ones, but for all of 2008 it has been a handy fruit branch-puller, bug-chaser, puddle-swisher and BBQ charcoal-stirrer. Maybe, just maybe, there will be a beautiful plant on it in 2009.

We have two, and one could still do those other things too; it’s been quite handy to keep in our yard. Why pull out a ladder when you can hook and pull so easily?