[Driving for] Coffee in Paniolo Country

Paniolo is the Hawaiian word for cowboy.

Yesterday morning I took a Saturday drive up mauka for what Julia Cameron calls an Artist Date, which for me meant toward the Kohala mountains to Kamuela, home of Parker Ranch.


Since it’s still winter, I didn’t have to leave the house until 7am to get my first shots. Actually wasn’t planning on catching the sunrise; I wanted the blues that were emerging in spite of the heavy vog, and the sun surprised me. I did wish I had reached this particular spot on the upper road a few minutes earlier.

Early morning is my favorite time to take photos, for the sun is kinder, gentler, and throws the most interesting shadows:

One Real, Two in Shadows

I’m braver too, venturing into those places which are a bit more off the beaten path since no one else is usually around. Took no more than three steps through the wet grass of this abandoned barn for my shoes, socks, and jeans to be soaked to the knees for the rest of the morning.

Abandoned Waimea Barn

Was it worth it? I think so, but I’ll let you be the judge. The photo set thumbnails are here: Kamuela, One January Saturday Morning. There are 27 shots there now, and I have another 90 or so to sort through later today. Haven't decided on a Photo of my day yet (for that set), but I do know the feeling… Julia Cameron calls these “Artist Dates” since they can release the creative spirit within you. I call them wonderful.

Morning on the Soccer Field


  1. says

    Dear Rosa,
    Your work made my morning. I spent weeks on Dahana Ranch, right next to Parker Ranch, researching my books and the play of light and shadow inspired even this non-photographer. You made me feel like I was there and made me happy I have a Google alert on all things paniolo.

  2. says

    Good to meet you Terri, I love your website, and will be visiting it again to learn more about your books.
    I am so happy to know that my pictures brought some joy to your day: Please know that your comment did the same for me! Let me know if you ever get back this way, we can have coffee one morning and compare more notes :)