Photo of my day: December 29, 2008

POMD: December 29, 2008

3:42pm Mauna Kea, after hiking into the Waikōloa hills just above the 6mile marker

Photo 2 for “Photo of my day”

It has been raining quite a bit this December, always welcomed for us, for we seem to perpetually be in “drought conditions.” Ironic considering we are islands surrounded by so much water, but it does get you to appreciate the life-giving qualities of what the rains and mountain filters do for you.

For our hills surrounding Waikōloa the rain means two things: Snow on Mauna Kea, and the temporary return of precious green for our pastures, normally the drab straw color of the invasive fountain grass which has taken over so greedily.

Chose this for my POMD yesterday because it was taken in circumstances different than usual for me. I chose to start my daily run early, hoping to beat the impending afternoon rain, heading out at about 2:30pm and opting for walk versus run with camera in hand. All the luscious green pulled me farther mauka [toward the mountains, and away from the sea] than I’d normally go, and so fortuitously, for I was able to get pictures of a snow-dusted and cloud-caressed Mauna Kea quite different from those I’ve taken up to now. I needed to hike in off the highway to get them, and despite knowing it’s probably considered trespassing, I always feel blessed that I get to do so, seeing certain angles and vistas that no one else can see or feel the way I am in that moment.

I imagine history, and concoct stories in my imagination, for the road used to be in different places; others were there before me, and probably many others. Those misshapen wooden fence posts prove that brush fires did roll through here at some point, but as she always does, nature has healed the land and refused to be beaten. I wish I could also capture the sounds; mostly that quiet where you’re sure you can hear the wind, though it doesn’t blow that fiercely, constantly interrupted by the birds you never see, as if they are telling you, “don’t for an instant believe that you are alone.”

A larger view of the photo can be seen here. I am using it for my desktop background today; a small way to keep the serene feelings of the day with me for just a little bit longer.