Have you chosen a Virtue for your December?

If so, tell me about it on Managing with Aloha Coaching today, would you? Today is our Monday Coaching Day there, with Virtuous Thinking with Aloha to help me:

What was your first reaction when you first looked at my list of Twelve Aloha Virtues?

Were you satisfied with them, or did something else come to mind that you immediately wanted to add? If so, I hope you took the liberty of adding it to your own list.

Maybe you picked out one or two as favorites? Maybe they weren’t exactly favorites, but they resonated in a different way?

Did the twelve give you a feeling of recognition’s contentment, or the longing of discontent, and a wishing for more?

Part of my own enchantment with my list is that my own reactions have differed from year to year. Particular ones do jump out at me, and every year those ‘jumpers’ leaping off the page are different, causing me to wonder about the roominess (and fickleness) of my own brain with its ever growing and ever changing capacity for abundance and scattered possibility (Palena ‘ole goodness :).

Because I always do this in December, I wonder about the influences of the past year, and how many are recent, insistently pressing because of any gravity (the economy truly is a doozy right now), or truly influential in the way they have lingered or created habits over the course of the entire year.

So ultimately I do choose each year, and I then sit down with a blank Word doc opened on my laptop, and as I look at the blank screen and rest my fingers on the qwerty of the keyboard, I ask myself, “Why?”

Continued at MWAC. You will see why this picture is there:

KÅ«ki‘o Tidepool Life; Sea Urchin
KÅ«ki‘o Tidepool Life; Sea Urchin