December 7th, and thinking about Pearl Harbor today

Started the online part of my day checking on my article posting for Say “Alaka‘i” and caught sight of this article on The Honolulu Advertiser this morning: On the 67th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a look back at history.

It gave me pause for a moment, thinking about how we best can remember a day which resulted in America's entry into the bloodiest war in history. The article suggests, "Anniversary celebrates America's response to Japan's surprise attack" and that it was significant in that "A generation of Americans stepped forward to fight for our country," as one way we can take some positive memory from it all. There is a photo there on the article of a veteran's fingers on an old photograph that really touched me; you can almost feel the emotion, yet I was very aware of not being able to even remotely match his own remembrance – lucky me.

My own memories are more short-term, and back to a day I recently visited the Pearl Harbor Historic district. From the Talking Story archives:

On this particular day, it started with the Ford Island Theatre.
You will find a bunch of pictures at that link, with pointers to two complete Flickr sets with more.

On Deck... finally!