Alaka‘i Archive Love 2008

Say I’m in a bookstore trying to choose between two books. Price is not much different, both have very compelling subjects and are written by authors I already know I love, but I am bound and determined to be reasonable, and buy only one, especially because I know there are another twelve or so in a stack at home that I haven’t read yet.

Which will I buy?

Red Pops the Books

No question about it: The one with the best (if any) index.

Before I finish reading the book, I’ll have added to its index as well, writing in dozens of my own entries. When I finally get around to publishing a new edition of my own book, the index pages it has will double (especially because Managing with Aloha was always intended to be a resource book for managers).

With so much information readily at our fingertips in this knowledge-packed world of ours, I have become index-obsessed, especially when the written word does not come with a digital search box, or can’t be archived with the weird-but-mine tags I use in Delicious (still one of my favorite free apps on the web.)

So I naturally feel like I should help others out, and be my own index-writer when I start to churn out new content. Far as the blogging platform goes, I think the choices authors make on categories (like a book’s table of contents in progress) and tags (digital kin to indexing) is thoroughly maddening, but supremely necessary. Some of you will have already stopped reading this post, but if you are anything like me, or if you’ve enjoyed any of what I’ve written here so far, you may like what follows and find it useful too.

Here is a Linked Title Index of what I have populated Say “Alaka‘i” with so far, and I’ll update it every so often as we go forward… we’ll keep it in the Alaka‘i Library category:

About Say “Alaka‘i”

Definitions and Context~ Alpha version

Article Index

November 2008

December 2008

How do you practice archive love for the information you want to keep at your fingertips? It is worth spending some time with as the year ends, for the review can trigger several reminders for you, especially with those things you have yet to follow-up on, but might otherwise forget.

Think about it for a sec: Valuing your archives, whether information and knowledge you created or had found and appreciated, is valuing your history. It is also a way to practice Mahalo as a Hawaiian value: Yes, 2008 was a tough year in many ways, but I am quite sure there was a lot of good within it for you too. Mahalo your good.


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    Rosa, I have been reflecting on this topic much lately, ever since I blogged about my experience in the “30 Days to Be a Better Blogger” challenge on December 6. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement that the time is not only worth it, but vital. I’ll keep workin’ on it!