Weekend Promise?

Weekend Promise?

Most of Hawai‘i is getting pummeled by a tropical rainstorm this weekend, but this is what our morning looked like at sunrise at the far south of the island chain.

This is taken from my lanai: That sliver of a mountain at the bottom of the photo is Mauna Kea.

Here is a larger view:

Aouli at Sunrise

The skies and “blue vault of heaven” (Pukui-Elbert)

If you are still thinking about how to spend your weekend, here are some ideas, things we have talked story about:

And Joanna has a suggestion over at Joyful Jubilant Learning:

Have you an idea or suggestion to add?


  1. says

    Great photos, have a great weekend.
    I am scrambling to launch a site to coordinate with a radio interview I am doing on Tuesday. Installing some new server software, building a website and content. w00t!
    Will let you know…

  2. says

    Yes Greg, do let us know! Weekends are good for invention and prototype work too, aren’t they? It is one of YOUR specialties, that’s for sure!