Tuesday Coaching on Ho‘omau, our Value of the Month

… is up at MWAC: Decision-Making and Decision-Management seen through Ho‘omau.


One of the things we’ve said about Ho‘omau is this:

“People are more apt to invest in and be committed to their own decisions than they are to following the marching orders of a leader—even a leader they respect and trust to make decisions for them.”
—from Managing with Aloha, page 58

(If you are just joining us, Ho‘omau is the Hawaiian value of persistence and perseverance, and you will find a more complete definition within my Day One Essay for November: Ho‘omau: Reveal the Good, and Make it Last.)


I’d like to connect our decisions with the value of Ho‘omau. While you are engaged in the work you do, you are primarily in the process of one of two things. You are either

  • Working to make a good decision (as opposed to an impulsive or auto-pilot one), or
  • Working to execute a decision (and also managing its consequences).

If we view this through the value filter of Ho‘omau, we are pursuing best-possible continuity of our good constants. However we want growth too, and thus we must embrace change. If we ask ourselves, “which change is best?” I believe that considering Alaka‘i (the value of leadership) can be of great help.

Continued at MWAC: Decision-Making and Decision-Management seen through Ho‘omau.