MWA3P is about MWA-aligned Productivity

Assembling workshop materials for an MWA3P class this afternoon, and wondering if you have seen this page on Managing with Aloha?

I like to begin with MWA3P helpful-habit suggestions when I start a coaching program with someone, because it helps them make room in their Strong Week planning for MWA instead of feeling it is another discipline they will get burdened by.

The workshop is fun; one of my favorites!

If you haven't read this page before, I'd sincerely appreciate any of your upon-first-reading thoughts/ feedback about how I could improve or otherwise update it. If you took a link there after your first read, which one did you take, and why?

Here is the link again, with a snippet on how the page starts off:

MWA3P: Productivity and Working with Aloha

I started writing online in August of 2004, a few months before Managing with Aloha was published, and productivity was a very natural interest for me.

Here's the connection: MWA is about the reinvention
of today’s workplace, achieved through reconstruction of the roles of
managers and leaders. In the coaching I do, I start in two places

a) A person’s primary ROLE (we call the process Ho‘ohana) and
b) A person’s PRODUCTIVITY.

This has always been my approach because increased effectiveness (versus ‘busy-ness’) makes working room
for the higher-level MWA work that will help that manager be a true
star. If I neglect to help a manager open up more ‘possibility space,’
MWA will seem overwhelming and not as exciting and energizing as it is
meant to be. Managers who are effective, and who’ve got a grip on their
work zoom forward with the MWA core workplace concepts of
aloha-capacity, value-alignment, strengths-management: We actually have
fun with these concepts!

What has happened since I started blogging, I am humbled and thrilled to say, is that my readers who are not
managers (and do not wish to be) have happily reaped the benefits of learning
more about MWA3P too (the nickname of the MWA productivity curriculum)…

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