October 2008: Out of the gates and running

This talk-story answers the question,
So where the heck are we?

At the very end a VERY sweet bonus:
I help you clean up your subscriptions!

These are the key themes my Talking Story language of intention is likely to revolve around most during the weeks to come: Hope you decide to talk story with me too!

Value of the month

Where the month always starts for me – with value-based INTENTION. Our value for October is the Hawaiian value of source (as in your inner source which drives you and serves to ground you) and of truth (your truth, the stuff that is not up for debate with you, it just IS, and you love it that way).

Learn more, and set your own value-based intentions at Managing with Aloha Coaching: Nānā i ke kumu: Look to your Source, Find your Truth.

Nānā i ke kumu is a value which brings clarity to your other values: It is a kind of lens through which you can see what most rings true for you instinctively. Fabulous for the grounding we all tend to need before we get swept up in the frenzy of the holiday season —a frenzy compounded this year by the November elections.

Nānā i ke kumu

Learning of the month

Where I count on Joyful Jubilant Learning and the Ho‘ohana Community to be the source of my energies as a lifelong learner. It continues to amaze and delight me how JJL and the gang there always blend into my chosen value of the month so seamlessly – so naturally, even though that editorial calendar is set separately from the MWAC one.

This month our theme delivers a newly coined word for our language of intention: BLUNDERRIFIX.

Contributing authors are offering up stories of their past experiences; wrongs which became rights: BLUNDERRIFIX is a word of victory! A snippet in explanation:

BLUNDERS, even TERRIFIC ones (or horrific ones, depending on your experience at the time) can always be FIXED with learning. And when they do get smoothed over, fixed, or otherwise solved, they become A BLUNDERRIFIX.

There has already been some lively banter about our trip-ups behind the scenes, and so I think the month will shape up to be a lot of fun, just as learning should be. And as usual, the thoughtful learning will emerge too… Dwayne Melancon has kicked it off beautifully for us there: Never lose alone, never win alone.

I loved his entry, for me a true testament to the power of the Daily 5 Minutes ®. If you are a new reader, learn about the D5M in this posting over at MWAC: What’s the skinny on the Daily 5 Minutes? The D5M is THE most essential tool within the Managing with Aloha toolbox if you are reconstructing your role and your calling as a manager and leader in the workplace.

BREX: Brave Experiments in Digital Learning

Speaking of learning, I hope I did not give you the wrong impression with the online time I am seeking to trim in a more efficient way! [The impression I am referring to this: RFL Sept. Edition #2: My 90-Day Experiment at Day 15.]

I have not forgotten about Brex; he has moved in to stay, bringing his digital and web-based arsenal with him. Therefore, weaving their own character in an out of October, you are likely to continue to hear from me about these things, for they are my choices now being fit into my continuing 90-Day Experiment (today is Day 23:)

Last Word (for now :-)

My last word is Subscriptions.

Hc_badge160x60I am beginning to feel like RSS (real simple syndication) feed reading is undergoing a reinvention of usefulness for us in favor of what I think of as portals… there is another post-to-come stewing here… had mentioned it with my very first 90-day Experiment post.

For instance, one of the BIG reasons that Twitter and Flickr top my Brex List is that they have both become portals for me; more often than not, within those apps are most of the navigational links leading to where I want to go next; they are that Pareto-proverbial “20 [percent of my inputs] that gets me the 80 [percent of my desired outputs].”

My number 1 portal right now? Joyful Jubilant Learning. Yep, even more than at Managing with Aloha Coaching. JJL is my choice cut bonanza of thought leaders and open-minded contrarians brave enough to challenge me: They may not always agree with me, however at the core of any crucible I know we share our defining values.

Anyway, I am getting a bit off the track here. This is what I want to suggest to you:

I know that I offer a lot of subscriptions. To make it easier for both you and for me, from now on I am only going to talk about two of them, for between them you will consolidate everything you might want to track with me (and I will make sure I will feed into them that way for you.) Both will come directly into your email inbox:

1. Subscribe to Ho‘ohana Aloha and you can get rid of all the other feeds you have for me. This is my one-stop aggregator, where I park links to whatever I publish online in chronological order. I also mix it up there with the cool stuff I find that others have written. When you subscribe, choose the email option: For those of you not yet convinced by my portals argument, Nick Cernis does a much better job than I can on why email subscriptions trump RSS: Ditch The Digital Itch: Drop Feed Readers Today.

Ho‘ohana Aloha is a Tumblr, so if you have a tumble-log there too, one you use daily as well, just follow me there and skip the subscription.

2. Subscribe to my newsletter for the Ho‘ohana Community; Ho‘ohana ‘ÅŒlelo „¢. Our MWA-connected, values-based community (for essentially, that’s our Language of We Intention, and who we are) is both an online and offline one, and the ubiquitous tie which binds us, as global as we have become, is email. Sometimes I will send an extra issue, but mostly you will get this just once a month.

People tell me they like keeping Ho‘ohana ‘ÅŒlelo in their inbox because of the links I have parked within the newsletter for all the other stuff I am currently doing, and so I now write it that way. When you get a new one from me, you can delete the old one.

Okay, that’s enough for today. We have a whole month stretching ahead of us with promise.

Does this all connect to the new Ho‘ohana I unveiled in September? You betcha.