Beyond Those 5 Senses, is Sense of Place+

Today is Tuesday Coaching Day on MWAC, and a great talk story possibility for the workplace has emerged with the first comment I received there from Joanna Young;

Beyond those five senses we normally think about, (those of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch) what other senses are important in your workplace?

There are three that I talk about in today’s Tuesday Essay:

  1. Sense of Place
  2. Sense of Belonging
  3. Sense of Connection

And Joanna brought up a 4th which intrigues me: Sense of Wilderness.

When you think about it, you can fill in this Sense of ________ blank with a near endless stream of possibilities, however if you ask your team, what will THEY say? And why might it be important in YOUR workplace culture?

Would the “Wellspring” in your workplace culture look like this:


Photo Credit: welly wellly welly welly well on Flickr by 顔なし.

Or would it look like this?


Photo Credit: Ronnie’s Stonework on my Flickr page.

Is there another image which would capture it better?

Consider having this Sense of Place talk-story in one of your huddles this week, and please come back to share your results with us if you do!

Here’s a quick link to this week’s Tuesday Coaching: As usual, it is an essay, longer than most blog posts, and though you can read it through once in less than a Daily 5 Minutes, my Tuesday essay is intended to give you a full week’s worth of Ho‘ohana-inspired self-coaching:

Where is this “wellspring?” Your Ho‘ohana and your Sense of Place

Sub-headings you will find there are:

  • Our Value Study: Nānā i ke kumu. This is 1st Tuesday.
  • Get the most out of Nānā i ke kumu with Value-Alignment
  • Go to the Well (the five places your wellspring draws from)
  • Sense of Place
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Start With Where You Live

So in essence, I am also suggesting that after you have started with where you live, you can continue with Where You Work!