Welcome September, and Happy Labor Day!

Under our Talking Story heading of Better Conversations:

I am incredibly excited about September ”“ I have grand plans!

Hc_badge160x60If you are online today, there are only two places you should be right now, engaging with the rest of our Ho‘ohana Community!

I know many of you are celebrating the Labor Day holiday, however we are staying on schedule with our Ho‘ohana Publishing calendars because our value of the month is all about what Labor Day should be about”

A month-long celebration on the true worth of work.

As you know, the word WORK has very positive connotations for me, and my mission is that it becomes that way for everyone else —for YOU!

Our value for the month of September is one that is very dear to my heart. If I were asked to choose one and only one value that is representative of the entire Managing with Aloha mission it would be this one, second only to the value of Aloha itself. If there ever was a month I’m praying you stick with me all month through, reading every Tuesday Coaching Essay the day it is published, and working through our monthly journey together personally, no matter what the rest of your organization may be going through right now, it is this one.

Our value for the month of September is Ho‘ohana, the value of worthwhile work.

Read all about it within my Day One Essay on Managing with Aloha Coaching:

Ho‘ohana: Redefine the word “work” and make it yours.

MY MANA‘O (what I believe to be true) ~ ~ ~

is about you living with authenticity in a world populated with other people. We human beings were not meant to live alone, we thrive in each other’s company. Aloha celebrates everything that makes you YOU.

is about you making your living in our world in the way that gives you daily direction and intention and leaves you with a feeling of personal fulfillment every day —not just when you have accomplished large goals.

Part of my own Ho‘ohana work, is something we call “Citizen Publishing.”

The second place to be: Joyful Jubilant Learning.

Jjl_08_buttonHere is a snippet of our learning theme for the month of September, called,

Citizen Publishing on the Web: What have we learned?

We each have a two-fold decision to make about our personal use of the web:

    To who, what, where, and when do I give the most valuable gift I can give someone publishing online for me?
    Why do I bother in the first place? What’s in it for me?

There is a ton of learning involved with that two-fold decision (and
their inherent 5 Ws), and that, my fellow JJLers, is what we would like
to explore in the coming month.

Both are Ho‘ohana to me

I have been waiting anxiously for September, for I have been feeling the need to revisit the value of Ho‘ohana for a while now. Could I have declared it our value of the month earlier? Yes and no; I wanted to be totally prepared for it, and in so many ways September seemed to be saying, “Wait for Labor Day, wait for me.”

Well, the waiting is over, and September is here. I fervently hope you will Ho‘ohana with me too.


  1. Stephanie says

    Happy Labor Day Rosa!
    Aloha certainly resonates with me: “We human beings were not meant to live alone, we thrive in each other’s company.”
    I spent a fabulous couple of days hiking with new friends. However, last night at home, I had the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. Upon reflecting I concluded that after surrounding myself with people returning home felt tremendously lonely.
    There are plenty of stories that support this theory. They say that people in tight-knit communities live longer for this very reason.
    We should all endeavor to connect… it benefits all of us!

  2. says

    Aloha Steph, Happy Labor Day!
    You did connect with your friends Steph, so perhaps it was more a kind of coming off that energy versus loneliness? And hiking can do that to your sleep…
    Ulla Hennig and I recently had a little talk story about the difference between being alone and being lonely, and as a result she wrote up a contribution to JJL on the topic. Take a look at it here: