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Making the most of my day

Making the most of my day on Flickr.

When I see a hibiscus like this I wish they lived longer than a single day. With that thought in mind however, they do remind us to make the most of our days too, not taking a single one for granted.

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Coral and Ink

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  1. says

    “not taking a single one for granted” – how true and how easily forgotten! We are reminded of this saying when someone beloved leaves us or something terrible happens to us. But when life is “normal” we often take the next day for granted.
    Your pictures of these hibiscus flowers are perfect!

  2. says

    How true Ulla, it is like that sentiment captured in the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” which reminds us to also pay attention to all those things which are going right for us!
    Mahalo too for your comment on my photos Ulla. This beauty appears on an entire hedge a few streets away from where I live. The hedge is a divider between two homes, and you only see the end of it as you walk by on the sidewalk fronting the homes. I often think that the hedge is certainly functional for them (and works as it was intended to), but somewhat of a waste in the beauty it could share. Alas, taken for granted now.