Coaching on Self-Leadership: Is your growth plan set?

We have wrapped up the month of August on Managing with Aloha Coaching: Here is a quick recap of our study on Alaka‘i, the Hawaiian value of leadership.

Leadership is a huge topic, and our focus was on where it all begins: Self-leadership. If we cannot effectively lead with the brilliant example of our own behavior, why should anyone think about following us?

Day One Essay for August 2008:
Alaka’i, Chiefs and Indians


Opportunity for caring and courageous leadership is spreading like wildfire. I find that I am thinking about leadership an awful lot because to be perfectly blunt, I miss it terribly. Remarkable leadership would make me wildly jubilant (buzzwords are fascinating, aren’t they?) however I must say I’d do cartwheels and sing out loud for more basically sound leadership too. I crave new heroes for our modern, right-now world, heroes who inspire the rest of us to be better than we now are. I crave for heroes everywhere, and I want lots of them.

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Tuesday Essay #1:
Why Self-Leadership?


I see self-leadership as a necessary prerequisite to those "small groups of productive people [who] function together." In today’s essay, I’ll take a stab at defining self-leadership from the Alaka’i viewpoint. But first, I think it will be helpful to consider two value-drivers I think are very closely related to the leadership of Alaka’i: Kākou and Lōkahi, both of which we have studied here before.

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Tuesday Essay #2:
Self-Leadership in 1 Sentence


I can write at length; I know that. I have been told, "You do talking story in writing." This week, I am responding to a challenge put forth by a manager I am presently coaching. He had read last Tuesday’s essay just prior to our weekly coaching call, and his challenge to me was:

"Rosa, I know you can write a whole book about it if you set your mind to it, but can you give me a definition for self-leadership in just one sentence?"

After giving it some thought, here it is.

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Tuesday Essay #3:
Your Alaka’i Connection to Worthwhile Work


We have called self-leadership a growing process of arriving at one’s own choice. What is this process, and why is this kind of growth so important to you?

It may be helpful to answer the second question first, for if it isn’t important to you, why bother? In thinking this through, let’s use something that is practical and of immediate use to you, something which is usually a staple on the manager’s To Do List: HIRING.

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Tuesday Essay #4:
The Self-improvement Targets of Self-Leadership


Tim Milburn
, mentor extraordinaire for student leaders, thrilled me with this comment:

Rosa: One of my favorite posts that you’ve ever written is the 12 RULES FOR SELF-LEADERSHIP. I keep it on my cell phone and pull it out to read on occasion. It is some timeless advice. I hope that you will include a link to that for your readers this month.

Tim, your wish is my command! However I would like to do a bit better than that for you: Let’s reformat those 12 Rules within our recent August study here. I have three reasons for doing so.

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The objective is your objective

Our overall goal at MWAC during August was to create a personal growth plan for our own statement of self-leadership (and thus our learning within that plan going forward). If that is something you feel you need it is never too late to begin. Get into rhythm with Managing with Aloha Coaching and use the archives there to your full benefit within your self-paced coaching.

If you use this as a self-contained lesson plan (how I design all my monthly coaching modules on MWAC), read and work with each article sequentially: They are in order, and build upon each other.

If you need my help, let me know!