Learn about Luana this Weekend: I know you have it in you!

Luana (loo ah na) is a short, easy to pronounce Hawaiian word good to know for any day of the week, and in particular, it can be a fantastic weekend mantra:

luana. vi. To be at leisure, enjoy pleasant surroundings and associates, live in comfort and ease, enjoy oneself, relax, be content.

He aha kō ‘oukou e hana nei? E luana wale ana nō.

What are you all doing? Just enjoying ourselves.

—from the Hawaiian Dictionary by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert

Fishpond Reflection

This weekend: Ho‘oluanaCause your luana feelings to happen intentionally; don’t leave them to chance! Be purposeful— even with fun and play.

Life is short, so KÄ“ia Manawa (seize your moments!) It will be a three day weekend for many of us, so take advantage of it! (Happy Birthday and 4th of July America:) The rewards I reaped from my last weekend was a mere 3-hours investment within the whole:   Weekend Warrior (Mine was a Wiliwili tree)

Let’s talk story: Tell us what you will be doing this weekend, and give others some inspiration.

“One of my favorite places to go is Balboa Park here in San Diego with all the art museums.”
shared by Maria Palma

“I was off down in the far south west of Scotland, staying at a wee
fishing harbour – which proved great for a few shots of nets, crates
and boats – then up for a walk in the moorland.

It looks bleak from a distance but rich with vegetation when you get
out and explore. The moorland flowers are tiny but exquisite – made me
want to learn so much more about their names and how to take better
photos of them!”
Joanna Young last weekend (Visit Confident Writing to read about how Joanna deals with her inner critic.)

So, what will you be doing over the next few days for your sense of luana?


  1. says

    this afternoon (it is saturday here), I will meet a friend and go the big America party near the Brandenburg Gate. They celebrate the opening of the new American embassy with a big party (music, food, and other nice things), and they think I’ll very much enjoy that. After meeting many nice people from the States via the Web my relationship to the USA is now much more personal.

  2. Rosa Say says

    And I feel my relationship with Germany is much personal in knowing you Ulla, and in being able to see the wonderful pictures you share on Flickr. It does give me pause to consider what a different world we would live in, if everyone could say they had a friend with whom they shared their aloha in several parts of the world.
    That is what the www ~ wondrous world’s web ~ does for us.
    Ulla, I must say, you leave such generously giving comments wherever you visit, and not just here! Mahalo.

  3. says

    Let’s Talk Story: When business is not great, how do you spend your time?

    Had a coaching call this morning that was about my client’s need to refocus his business strategies right now; it’s a theme becoming more and more common in the short term given the U.S. economy (and how it specifically affects