July Tuesdays: Learning in the MWA way

I am feeling great about the way that our Tuesday Coaching essays have come together this month on Managing with Aloha Coaching, and I hope you will check them out.

Our value for the month is ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian value of learning, and given what a huge topic learning is, the month’s essays do concentrate specifically on learning “in the Managing with Aloha way.” The series came to be with questions I had received from different people in the Ho‘ohana Community, which could be summed up as, “how do you frame learning strictly within the workplace philosophies of Managing with Aloha?”

This is the way it came together:

  • 7/15 = Tuesday 2
    The Learning Process of MWA
  • 7/22 = Tuesday 3
    Learning from other People (will include the Daily 5 Minutes)
  • 7/29 = Tuesday 4
    Explorations in Tertiary Learning: Developing your ‘Ike loa Habit

In today’s essay, I…

  1. define tertiary learning and why it is so important,
  2. suggest the role that employers play with tertiary learning in the workplace,
  3. talk about the MWA assertion that work is personal (and how that connects to learning),
  4. share my feelings on where workplace training generally falters and misses the mark,
  5. define the key deliverables of the MWA learning process,
  6. offer a note-taking exercise where you can test your next training in the framework of those MWA key deliverables, and finally, as the essay title had promised,
  7. give a contextual workplace definition for learning as a process with a beginning, middle, and end.

All in just over 2000 words, and including a homework assignment for those who want to seize the moment, and make that reading count for their learning today, here and now (KÄ“ia Manawa!)

Please comment for me there if you’re one of the Talking Story readers who dig into it, okay? Mahalo nui.


How’s this for some great tertiary learning in the MWA way?
8:30am Paddleboard Calisthenics in Uleweuweu Bay