‘Ike loa: Boldly about Knowledge

This is the poster I have made (via Wordle) as my own visual ‘Ike loa trigger this month:

‘Ike loa: Boldly about Knowledge:


I created it with the excerpt from Managing with Aloha I had shared in the MWAC Day One Essay: ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian Value of Learning

Feel free to print up a copy for you too! You can get a download on my Flickr page; this one is a bit off-center.

When you "write story" about learning, what leaps off the page for you?

Write a short paragraph with what you think about learning, paste it into the Wordle Create box, and see what comes up… you actually only need one or two few pithy sentences.

Share your biggest word impression for learning in the comments for us: Learning is a huge topic and we can come up with several hits! Any surprise to you?

A lot of English words in my book compared to the Hawaiian ones… using Wordle, aka "beautiful word clouds" I have also been fascinated to see how differently my book excerpts appear compared to my blog posts. For those of you who are writers, it is a great app to play with in your editing process.


  1. says

    Rosa, I have just had so much fun on wordle, thank you!
    I did the Learning wordle and have saved it in the gallery (under Dianne Murphy-Rodgers) as I’m not sure how to share it here, but it includes the words: adventure, becoming, joy, endless and growing. Something I missed out was: sharing!
    I also put my blog url in and was delighted with the result. It really made me smile to see words like: people, appreciation, lessons, nurture, gifts, inspiring … alongside the names of some very lovely people!
    Learning to me is life. Life is learning. My awesome Grandad used to say: “The day I don’t learn something new is the day I die.”
    Thank you for sharing the value of ‘Ike loa, Rosa, I am so enjoying learning with you. I love what you say about learning in your MWAC Day One Essay:
    “… learning is essential: Learning is the flexibility, open-mindedness (and humility) and hunger for growth …”
    The more I learn, the more humble I feel! The more I am filled with wonder and appreciation.

  2. Rosa Say says

    What great words were revealed for you Dianne! I have not tried it with my site urls, and will have to follow your lead ~ mahalo.

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    Let’s Talk Story: When business is not great, how do you spend your time?

    Had a coaching call this morning that was about my client’s need to refocus his business strategies right now; it’s a theme becoming more and more common in the short term given the U.S. economy (and how it specifically affects