Say Aloha to June with Ka lā hiki ola

Keiki Kāohi

Ka lā hiki ola: The dawning of a new day.

With every sunrise we get another shot at perfecting our lives, another fresh chance to be all we can possibly be. Another chance to say mahalo, thank you.

This was the view greeting me outside my bedroom window when I got up a few mornings ago, just after 5:30am. It was as if the sun, or some Providence in my life was speaking to me, saying,

“I know what you’ve been thinking.
I’m ready, are you?
No more waiting… let’s do this!”

Ka lā hiki ola. It is the dawning of a new day, and it’s your day.

Make it your best one ever.

More on Ka lā hiki ola is at Managing with Aloha Coaching this morning too. It will be our theme for June all month long there.

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  1. says

    And this is one of those times that our major differences in timezones has worked for me, Rosa, as this post was the first thing I saw in my email inbox at 7.30 am.
    Your words were like freshly baked bread. Thanks for feeding my spirit this morning!

  2. says

    Ah Pete, and guess what? I have now been sitting at my keyboard deciding that I need not break for lunch yet, for I have an energy that can help me with some edits for a speech I am scheduled to give later this week. You, my generous Aussie friend, have just given me a shot of even more.
    Mahalo Pete, I am sure your Monday there will continue to fill with more Aloha purely because it is your intention, just as you have shown with your comment here for me!

  3. Rosa Say says

    Mahalo Karen! I do hope my photos help you to keep your recent trip to O‘ahu close in memory and feeling. I am partial to snapping pictures of the sky, amazed at how I can have so many and have all of them look so different individually. In fact, I started a separate Flickr set for them called Papahulilani ~ all the beauty in our spaces above:
    As expansive as the sky above us happens to be, I think of it as something we can all say we have in common, connecting us in our upper reaches… sort of like the internet, but prettier to me, and sharing a lightness of spirit!

  4. says

    A “new day” for what?

    Just talking story” about how we connect with people, and why. About how Ka lā hiki ola helps. That time in my life has arrived where the invitations coming in the mail are for more graduations, less baby lÅ«‘aus (first-birthday

  5. says

    KÄ“ia Manawa: This is it. Right Here, Right Now.

    KÄ“ia Manawa (Kay-ee-ah Ma-na-va) is one of my favorite Hawaiian phrases: I mutter it to myself all the time as a kind of self-coaching to get moving, particularly in those instances there is another reticent voice telling me to just