Reach into the Weekend

and KÄ“ia Manawa, or as may be more familiar to many, “Carpe, Diem, seize the day.”

Greens help me reach higher

It is 5:40am as I write this – just had to wake up early and get the weekend started, for there is so much to do, so much to feel, so much to be, with joy in the living of it all.

How will it be KÄ“ia Manawa for you this weekend?


  1. says

    What a marvelous blue sky, Rosa! This is the right photo to begin the weekend with – or continue it, as it’s saturday evening now in Berlin.

  2. Rosa Say says

    Aloha Ulla, I have almost caught up with you as of this writing :)
    Started my day quite early, heading outside to the outskirts of my countryside village for a mini hike to photograph the endangered wiliwili trees— found one with yellow blossoms I hadn’t seen before!
    The sky of the day was not as blue as it was in this photo, but other goodness was certainly around me to savor.

  3. says

    Weekend Warrior (Mine was a Wiliwili tree)

    How are you doing (or did you do”) with your Reach into the Weekend? Yesterday morning I indulged in an Artist Date, the exercise Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way recommends” “Now to the second tool, the sticky one. [The