How ‘bout mixing up in some Voice Stew with me?

Would you like to be part of Managing with Aloha history?


Click over to MWA Coaching, and you will see my first-ever VoiceThread!
Other than interviews, it is really the first time I have ever given away any “MWA Audio.”

If you’ve been reading Talking Story for a while, or have read my book, but have yet to hear me speak, here is your chance:

MWAC Tuesday Essay #3:
Say Ka lā hiki ola to make it yours.

This is a pilot for me (remember what we’ve said here before about pilot projects?) and if it is successful, I will add at least one VoiceThread each month to the Tuesday-coaching line-up in the MWAC Value Your Month, Value Your Life program. So if you’d like to see me continue with this – click over, have a listen and comment!

In the spirit of the month… Ka lā hiki ola, it is “the dawning of a new day.”