Great Web Meetings: Learn more about them

You may be doing pretty good with talking story face to face. How are you doing with the virtual conversations that you need to have, especially when they are of the remote meeting variety?

These days, web-based meetings are a must to know about: Those days of needing to get on a plane to attend them are old-school inefficient, and a frightfully costly option that gets more and more expensive every day. Current fuel and transportation costs aside, your time is more valuable than that.

My good friend Wayne Turmel will be hosting a free webinar on June 26th, 2008 at 11am Eastern Time, and it will be a good opportunity to learn more. You’ve met him within my Talking Story pages before as the Cranky Middle Manager funny guy, but truth is that Wayne is very savvy about web communications. He has a new company called Great Web Meetings which offers professional training, coaching and tools so that you can use any web platform to deliver powerful, targeted and engaging presentations, training and demos.

The webinar on the 26th is actually being presented by Dimdim, but they’ve asked Wayne to host it knowing that he is a leading independent expert in the area of virtual communication. And yes, I did say it’s free :)

Get more info here: The Freedom to Manage: Guerilla Managing Remote Teams. With Wayne involved, one thing you can be guaranteed of is that it will be fun too, and not just smart.

Trying to remember the last time I mentioned Wayne? It was here: Are you an Underappreciated Workplace Genius?


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    Rosa, Mahalo for the mention. The way we work is, indeed, changing and the options we have are more varied than ever…but they’re only as good as our skills. Choosing the right tool for the appropriate message will be a key competency for managers in the future. I hope to see many of your readers at our webinar.
    With much gratitude,