Over Capacity, or Under Serving?


Love the Twitter pictures… very cute.

However the caption is so bad for their business and reputation:

"Twitter is over capacity.

Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again."

Is there any way whatsoever you are giving this same impression to your own customers? If so, act fast to correct it! Cute art just isn’t enough.

Twitter is suffering from technical problems right now, however they are not alone in customer services glitches. I fear this notion of being "over capacity" is happening a bit too much as businesses everywhere scramble to adjust in some tough economic times: I saw a few examples within the one-day biz trip I took just yesterday.

We have to adjust where the customer doesn’t feel our pain; that’s just the way it is.

Sidebar: And please don’t miss the point by thinking, "Wish I had their problem of too many customers right now." Far, far better to have a few customers you treat like the golden nuggets they are to you right now.

I hope Twitter gets better soon. I have turned into somewhat of an evangelist of theirs because Twitter fits in so perfectly with our Brex digital learning initiative for 2008, and with our online possibilities within Talking Story. Did you catch these at MWAC?

  1. Learning Twitter with Hawaiian Values
  2. Get Started on Twitter the Value-Based Way: 5 Tips

Well, until the Twitter Whale starts swimming again, we can talk story here!