No more jerks for managers! Ho‘ohanohano to the rescue.

Ho‘ohanohano is the value of dignity and respect, and it is my hero for Managing with Aloha Coaching during the month of March. Join us there this month too? (Choose a feed here.)

Here are snippets of my Day One Essay, and for Beat 1 of the 5BR (monthly 5 Beat Rhythm) that functions as our “spatial repetition” (love that phrase that I learned from Know Can Do!)

Day One Essay for March:
Ho‘ohanohano: No more jerks for managers

“…In a way, we are continuing what we’ve begun to speak of in February, and this is the Kuleana connection:

Ho‘ohanohano teaches us to take responsibility for the inner spirit
that drives us, creates us and moves us toward the actions we choose to
take. When we accept this responsibility, incorporating it into our
Kuleana, we begin to think of ourselves as just the stewards of
something greater—we treat everyone with dignity and with respect as a
way of appreciating our own dignity as human beings, and in a way,
getting our own spirit to be better deserving.

Where the connection was strongest for me was in thinking about how
this plays out in the role of the manager, and what greater
possibilities exist than what many may be accustomed to, thus my title
for this, my Day One Essay for March.

A manager’s “jerk” status may be earned at times, but often it is
the unfortunate perception of the work that manager gets trapped in
delivering —work quite different from what should be the role of that manager.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and Ho‘ohanohano can help…” (Read more…)


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Beat 1 Coaching:
Ho‘ohanohano and our 5-Beat Rhythm: Getting Started

“…Allowing for the time to start well is always so vitally important, isn’t it.

Other than those times that the 1st of the month will fall on the
weekend (like this blessed month!) I will do my very best to keep the
first day of a new month appointment and commitment free: When I have
it as a day to myself I feel so much more thoughtful and deliberate
about planning for the rest of the month to come. I want to hit the
ground running and without interruption, yes. However it is more than
just getting my game face on.

It is a part of my becoming “fully present” in the time that is at
hand, planning pro-actively as opposed to setting myself up for
reactivity. It has become a way for me to intentionally create a kind of positive expectancy,
where I am recommitting to the gift of my life, receiving it well, and
willing Providence to conspire for me and in my favor, just as W.H.
Murray described: I have always found his words to be so powerful and
optimistic…” (Read more…)

I invite you to join our conversation there at MWAC.
It is no secret to regular readers that I am an advocate for managers, and if you are a manager who believes you are saddled with an unfair jerk-status that comes with the territory, the coming month on MWAC is designed to help you.
~ Rosa

First MWAC comment in March was a wonderful sherku from HCer Steve Sherlock: Learn more about the origin of sherku at the quiet poet.

begin to think of

yourself as the loyal steward

of something much greater

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