Have some eggs this weekend

Made my café latte same as I always do, but today it tasted exceptionally wonderful”

With my mug of Kona-brew in one hand, and my mouse resting under the other, I had the most delightful time this morning reading blogs I had never visited before. I followed the bread-crumb links left by these world travelers:


This is where blogging can be such fun: Give yourself a cyber artist date, where you forget about blogs-as-business-portals, SEO and traffic counts and all the oh-dear-me’s of your e-commerce and web stats this weekend… have some eggs.

Start here with Anita (a pastrygirl who you are sure to love), smile at the playful photos (believe me, you won’t be able to help yourself) and follow the links that are offered, then follow those, and those.

Web communities are singing outside your normal haunts too… are you listening?