Are you an Underappreciated Workplace Genius?

I just love the way that Wayne Turmel writes. You smile constantly as you read his words (and asides) and between the lines there are real gems of wisdom. This is an article I will be sending to all the managers I coach: 

A field guide to underappreciated workplace geniuses.
Wayne wrote it for Management-Issues at the Heart of the Changing Workplace

A beginning snippet which is the gist of it:

“At the beginning of my management and training career, I was fascinated with Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Essentially, this argues that there are all kinds of smart in the world (seven to be precise) and the kind they measure in school is only one of them – or two of them depending which test you took.

This was both a huge eye-opener for employers trying to identify quality employees (my stated reason for looking into the theory) and for those of us who tried to get our parents off our backs about low grades (an added bonus and one my own kid will not be able to get away with, true or not).

As I continued to deal with people, though, I realized that not only are there employees out there with unappreciated intelligences, some of these people are downright geniuses in a strange kind of way. Their ability to function at high levels in their areas of expertise and complete inability to work and play well with others is worthy of examination by someone much smarter than me.”

Learn about the “intelligences” Wayne calls,

  1. The DNA Identifier
  2. The Human Weathervane
  3. The Atomic Calipers
  4. The Boss Whisperer … click to the article.

If you identify with these, well, perhaps we should talk. You have some energy that we can channel.

You can visit Wayne at his own place too: Cranky never was this good.


“The Cranky Middle Manager Show is an irreverent but insightful look at the world of middle management. Host Wayne Turmel vents, offers humorous commentary and talks to the smartest people in the field about management techniques, career strategies and just keeping it together day after day. If you ever feel stuck between the idiots that make the decisions and the morons who won’t do as they’re told, this is the show for you.”


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