Aloha to February for one more day

What a terrific month we had in February!

According to our friends at FeedBurner, who I count on to calculate these things automatically for me (technology rocks, doesn’t it?) these were the top 5 Talking Story postings you visited most over the last 29 days:

If you are newly arriving at Talking Story, you might think about reviewing these as a quick way to get acclimated!

  1. Learn to Finish Conversations Well Redux

  2. The Best, Yet Most Underutilized Tool for Communication There Is

  3. How good (and gracious) a Receiver are you?

  4. Can you claim only 3 words?

  5. Managers, where are you? Would you write for us?


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    A List to Help with Your Better Conversations

    Over the last month, one of my more popular postings here has been Learn to Finish Conversations Well Redux. Therefore, I thought you might be interested in checking in with Managing with Aloha Coaching today for an article I think