Have a Better Conversation, and “Something more can result”

“I have been making the case that by becoming a business that is
supremely focused on the customer and on each other, something more
than just profit can result.”

~ Terry Starbucker

One of the key concepts of Managing with Aloha is something I call the Language of Intention:  Just as it sounds, it is the language you use which matches up to your true intentions.

As managers, we are much more effective when we speak intentionally, and are true to our good word. We are much more effective when we drive communication of the right messages: We then drive momentum and worthwhile energies. Managing with Aloha, is a philosophy which coaches you to learn, speak and work with the inclusive and collaborative “Language of We.”

This is what the “Language of We” sounds like as it starts with one manager’s Language of Intention:

On the Road With Don Quixote.

Are you a manager who goes on the road to visit your team too? Besides your clothes, your gadgets, and your itinerary, what Language of Intention are you deliberately ~ and intentionally, optimistically ~ “packing” to take with you, just like Terry did?


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    Hi Rosa – thanks for the link love; it’s very gratifying to know that you and I are kindred spirits when it comes to the “Language of We”. Sounds like you spend a bit of time with Don Quixote too!
    Thanks again, and all the best!

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    The link love is the fringe benefit between our blogs Terry. You are such a great example of someone who truly lives the calling of being a great manager for his team, and we need to clone you!