February Conversations: 5 Day One Possibilities

What are the conversations you are intending to have this month?

You can join some pretty great ones which have already started while you are thinking about it.


I love Leap Years – don’t you? The very idea of being alive when you get the gift of an extra day is just so cool. I like the way that Joanna Young at Confident Writing has woven it into the theme she presents each month:

Are you up for taking a leap with your writing this month?

I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a leap in the dark… perhaps a
leap of faith… or maybe you’ll find when you leap that a net

Inspired by the leap year – and the extra day this month – February’s theme at Confident Writing is leaps and bounds.

We’ll be looking at what it means to take a stretch and a leap with our writing ”“ and just what happens when we do. 

I’m hoping to take a few leaps with my own writing and blogging.  I
hope you’ll join me, and maybe take a few leaps with your writing too.

Read more about Joanna’s plans here: Are You Ready To Take a Leap With Your Writing?

And then consider joining her conversation: I’m sure that I will be!


Join me at Managing with Aloha Coaching for our value of the month study. February is dedicated to Kuleana, the Hawaiian Value of Personal Responsibility:

You will find that our value of the month study is very much about
my heart, my mission, and about the elemental basics and core
principles of why the Managing with Aloha workplace
philosophy exists. This month we study a value that is exceptional
strong for me personally, and stubbornly so; it takes over my entire
life quite easily, suppressing all my other values if I allow it to.

My family and my employees have loved me for it. I can also drive
them crazy with it. At day’s end there are often entries in my
Gratitude Journal, where I am immensely grateful that the love trumps
so much!

This is not a value I am able to write about without it becoming
very, very personal. Therefore, I am going to take advantage of that,
and this is not a month where there will be a cautious editor’s
covering of diplomacy on the writing I spill out here. After all, is
this not February, the red-hot month of love, including the self-love
of your most passionate intentions? Let’s seize the moment: If not
today, then when?

As I wrote there, I have pre-written more for the month to come than I ever have before, crafting the articles to come with the intention of my ho’ohana. Today is Day One of a value study that I have created in the deep hope
that those with a calling for management make this value very, very personal for them


Are you getting bombarded with invitations to new social networks? Me too.

I think we’ll talk about this more… we can sort out our choices together.

I have accepted one invitation this past week though, sort of as my test pilot (which you know I am a fan of) because it came from someone whose work I really admire, and because it is about a subject near and dear to my heart: David Zinger has created a new social network at Ning called The Employee Engagement Network, and he explains:

We all know that employee engagement is gathering momentum and
geometric growth as a lens to examine and enhance work. Our network is
designed to provide perspectives, information, opinion, resources,
ideas, and connected conversation on employee engagement.

You might be someone offering employee engagement services or you might
be someone seeking a speaker or employee engagement resources.

Ideal network participants (and why join a network unless you
participate) will include writers, speakers, leaders, consultants,
managers, Human Resources professionals, and individuals. Your sole
focus may be employee engagement or employee engagement may be a
significant part of your work.

Ideally, you are working at developing authentic and powerful employee
engagement that creates results that matter for all. We are at the
start of this network and all network partners will determine how this
network develops over time.

David has attracted 39 members in just five days, so if you are ready for a test pilot too, and engagement is one of your conversational tipping points, get involved (Go to my page there and let me know you have arrived from here, and we can pilot it together.)


Karen Wallace has posted the February edition of The Calm Space: With a song in our heart” we’re talking about love.

Here in Australia, it’s high summer and it’s the start of a new school year.

And in the middle of the heat, we celebrate Valentines Day. So, to
cool things off a little, grab a long tall glass of something cool with
ice, and sip while you browse around our spaces this month. We’ve
turned on the air conditioning and are waiting for your visit. Every
time you pop in, we do a little happy dance.

Alright, if that’s too twee for you, you’ll love the line-up we have
for you this month. We haven’t gone overboard with red roses, or
lingerie, or chocolates” although we were tempted by
a nice glass of bubbly. What we have done is each of us put our own
spin and our own heart into what we have written for you on the theme
of Heartstrings. You’ll find spirit and love in each
of the spaces this month, along with hefty doses of calm and
inspiration. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Karen has contributors connecting to her theme within ‘calm spaces’ that are digital, spiritual, and on reading, writing, breathing, music, organizing, and relationships. her editorial for the month is called Heartstrings. She offers a monthly prize drawing too, so go get some calm conversation there (especially if you are in more chilly country and need some of that summer warmth from the land down under).


At Joyful Jubilant Learning, we are ramping up for A Love Affair with Books, the annual forum of book reviews done by the Ho‘ohana Community which had originated here on Talking Story, and is now in residence there.

Contributors are writing about what they have learned from reading books in the past, hoping to inspire us to learn from the ones they’ll be reviewing in March: The conversation there, is called JJL in February, 2008: What do we learn by reading books?

What did you learn from reading a book about it?

Yes, past tense, what did [you] learn, and why did [you] choose a book to teach it to [you]?

At first it seems we all can just answer, "A lot!" and make a seemingly
endless list. However if you think back over your purchases, certain
ones happened at certain times: You were pulled into those clearly
marked aisles of the library or bookstore for some pretty specific


We are all a collection of learning stories, and
this month, I’m betting we can learn from our writers’ past
experiences, and get doubly inspired for the new ones we will surely be
presented with in March.

At the end of their story
, our authors will be asking you if you learned the same thing from another book, or in a completely different, not-reading way. We are hoping to get some discussion going in which we can compare notes!

There are about 20 authors contributing there this month – that’s twenty conversations you can have, and a whole lot of learning.

Guess it’s a good thing we have that extra day this month after all!

Day One awaits you – go visiting, and share some Aloha; talk story.
~ Rosa

Flickr photo credit that got me going all purple on you…via JJL and by ciro@tokyo