Excelling as Elders

“Despite all the ghastliness that is around,
human beings are made for goodness.”
~ Desmond Tutu

This weekend, spend some time visiting with The Elders.

Sir Richard Branson and his friend Peter Gabriel, the British rock star, have
assembled a council of 12 (and growing) internationally renowned statesmen and women
whose goal is to stop wars, promote peace, stamp out diseases, and curb
global warming.
[Hat tip to an Oprah interview with Branson]

“In Africa, villagers look up to elders; they are
the moral voice of their community. My friend Peter Gabriel and I felt
that the world needed a group of wise leaders to look up to—men and
women who are beyond ego, who can look past their borders and take on
global issues. That’s why we created the Elders—a group of 12 respected
people who can intervene in the world’s conflicts.”
~ Sir Richard Branson

Now that is a network of the highest order.

Then again… don’t underestimate yourself.