Can you claim only 3 words?


This is a powerpoint slide I stumbled across on Flickr by navets. Have to agree…

Which words do you INTENTIONALLY use most?

What would they be if you could only pick 3 of them?

I think mine would probably be Aloha, Ho‘ohana, and ‘Ohana. Those are the ones that are easily obvious when I think about my work, what I present and speak on, and what I coach.

But in everyday conversation, knowing the powerful triggers they can be? I’m not sure…

What are yours?

Or, if you prefer to answer the question this way, what are 3 you will intentionally begin to use more often?

I assume you know these by now, but just in case, I’ll save you the clicks to…

ALOHA is the value of unconditional love.

HO‘OHANA is the value of intentional work.

‘OHANA is the value of family and community.