Being a “Leader” is what managers do too

The manager doesn’t have all the answers, but the the manager’s kuleana
(responsibility) is to be the person who takes ownership of getting the
answers found — and frankly, not playing it safe and wimping out about
it when those answers are not always pretty.

Coaching comes in when the
manager has an answer, or has discovered it, but may choose not give it
to another person outright, choosing to coach them through the thinking
process and toward making their own discovery.

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The Manager’s Responsibility for Leadership


Photo on Flickr: Its Future is in our Hands
– Live Earth
by aussiegall.

…and did you see “I am a leader” here???


  1. says

    Kuleana Responsibility is what you Accept more than what you are Given

    When you define it as Kuleana, responsibility is what you accept more than what you are given. Read that again slowly, and sit with it for a moment. It is a statement which implies, and rightly so, that responsibility is